Powering a Learning Revolution
Role: Director / Camera / Editor Institute of Play is powering a learning revolution. Support IOP: instituteofplay.org/donate/
Melvin Ellsworth Cunningham at 94
Part of a self-produced series of elder stories, this little vignette follows Melvin engaged in one of his favorite activities.
PBS: Is School Enough?
Role: Camera Operator Examine a new frontier that could reshape education — the importance of breaking out of the classroom and connecting students to the...
Meka M1 Manipulator
Role: Director / Camera / Editor Co-founded in 2006 by Aaron Edsinger and Jeff Weber, Meka was an early creator of “compliant” humanoid robots that now...
Video Series: Quest Learning in Action
Role: Director / Camera / Editor Graphic Design: Criswell Lappin A seven-part series, Quest Learning in Action allows you to look inside the Quest Schools...
Aunt Patsy
Role: Director / Camera / Editor / Banjo Produced for The Brownstone Detectives Aunt Patsy Returned to her childhood home for the first time in 62 years....
Haley and Michael
Role: Director / Camera / Editor
Modding Minecraft
Role: Director / Camera / Editor Logo Design: Nancy Nowacek Design, Art, Code is a week-long experience where rising 7th, 8th and 9th graders develop their...
The Detroit 1933-2033 (D33) Teacher Institute
Detroit is experiencing enormous transformations requiring the city to re-imagine itself. How might educators and students inform and impact Detroit's future?...
Roles: Director / Camera / Editor TeacherQuest takes the professional development playbook from Quest to Learn, the innovative public school developed by...
Smithsonian: Teens Craft Self-Portraits
22 young people participated in the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery’s IMAGINE=IMAGE summer program. Using digital media – cell phones, social networks,...
MinecraftEdu "The craft of digital citizens"
MinecraftEdu "The craft of digital citizens" Roles: Director / Camera / Editor On Institute of Play, Edutopia and Fast Company
Games for Change Public Arcade
Roles: Director / Camera / Editor The G4C Arcade was at the Tribeca Family Street Fair on Saturday April 26, 2014 as part of the Tribeca Film Festival. More,...
A selection of wedding photos. Interested in working...
Polaroid Portraits
Portraits taken with a modified Polaroid Land Camera. Interested in documenting your event? Let's connect!
A selection of aerial photos taken from commercial planes. Images are printed to 36x48" and mounted for a clean display. For inquiries, contact me...
Role: Director / Camera / Editor Produced by Institute of Play Published on Institute of Play, Fast Company, Edutopia and The Atlantic.
Starcraft II
Role: Director / Camera / Editor Produced by Institute of Play Playmakers is an exploration of the experiences and innovations that are leading the way for...
Smithsonian All Access
Role: Director / Camera / Editor
Paco Collars
Role: Camera / Editor The folks at Paco Collars are passionate about a great many things, but the short list is: dogs, leather, craft, and community service....
Smithsonian Gets Schooled
Role: Director / Camera / Editor
Game Changers
Role: Director / Camera / Editor
Mobile Quest
Role: Director / Camera / Editor
Challenge is Constant
Role: Director / Camera / Editor